Want to know more about Tasmania’s trout fishery?

Western Lakes World Heritage. The unique environment of the Western Lakes World Heritage area is filled with pristine waterways scattered amongst a temperate environment.

Central Highlands Lakes. The Central Highland plateau features a myriad of glacial tarns, filtering into substantial water bodies, and eventually down into major hydro impoundments.

Low and mid altitude lakes. Such as Four Springs, Huntsman, Lake Leake, and others are our choice when the highland lakes are under effect from severe weather conditions, offering much greater protection and warmer temperatures. Mayfly hatches occurring from September onwards.

Rivers. Tasmania’s rivers stand out too with delightful small streams such as St Patrick’s River, Liffey River, Lake River, parts of the North and South Esk Rivers; mayfly hatches on meadow streams such as the Macquarie River, South Esk; cool clear tail race waters such as Brumbys Creek.

Estuary Fishing. Tamar Estuary offers a variety of species for fun fishing experiences. Fishing all year round, fly, lure, or bait.

Tasmania’s trout waters are diverse; many have sandy bottoms, rich weed beds, rocky shorelines. Vegetation varying from alpine scrub to dense forested areas to farmlands.

It’s a stunning fishery. It’s a challenging fishery. Let us share some secrets with you. Whatever your fly fishing skill and experience level, it’s always exciting to learn more, hear new information and share techniques and we hope you find something within these pages useful to you. Below are links to some of our favourite trout waters, trout flies, hints and tips. Using a guide will help you get the most out of your trip, so please check our Tours & Prices to find out more, or call Gary on 0418 875 001.

Hints & Tips

Check out the hints, tips, and techniques in the links below. We hope you find them useful!


Stream Craft & Casting


Stream Craft & Casting

How to catch a trout

Try these techniques


Polaroid for trout

Catch & Release

Be kind to our trout

Safely Catch & Release

Safe ways to release your trout

Disease free Tasmania

Ensuring the future of our fishery

Help keep Tassie Disease free

How to keep Tasmania’s trout fishery safe

Fishing Safety

Useful tips

Be safe when fishing in Tasmania

Suggestions for keeping safe when fishing in Tassie

Tasmanian Trout Waters

Where can you go trout fishing in Tasmania?

Wild trout fishing in Tasmania is diverse, involving many different techniques: polaroiding on blue sky days, or sight fishing for tailing wild brown trout in shallow weedy margins, typical of the Western Lakes; or Mayfly hatches on Brumbys Creek, Macquarie and Arthur’s Lake; or cruising the windlands of Great Lake.

There are so many outstanding trout waters in Tasmania to choose from when you go trout fishing. We’d like to share some of our favourites!

Arthurs Lake

In the Central Highlands

Brumbys Creek

In the Northern Midlands

Cradle Mountain area

Options around Cradle

Four Springs Lake

In the Northern Midlands

Great Lake

In the Central Highlands

Lake Burbury

On the West Coast

Little Pine Lagoon

On the Central Plateau

Little Pine Lagoon

A fly fishing only trout water

Macquarie River

In the Midlands

Macquarie River

Classic Mayfly fishing

Meander River

In the Northern lowlands

Mersey River

In the North/North West

Nineteen Lagoons

On the Central Plateau

Penstock Lagoon

In the Central Highlands

South Esk River

North East/East

South Esk River

Longest river in Tasmania

River Leven

In Tasmania's north west

Tamar Estuary

in Northern Tasmania

Trout Flies

Depending what the trout are feeding on, often evident by what’s in the air or on the water, and by the type of rise form, or swirl, we can choose an imitation to mimic the natural. Some patterns are specific and realistic while others are generic.

Check out some of our favourite wet and dry flies.

Palmered Red Spinner

Dry Fly

Royal Hair Wing Coachman

Dry Fly

Tups Indispensable

Dry Fly

Black Beetle

Dry Fly

Guitar String Nymph

Wet Fly

Tungsten Beaded Nymph

Wet Fly