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What do I need to bring on my fishing tour?2023-02-05T01:34:49+11:00

No need to bring your fishing gear on a guided fishing tour with Trout Territory. We provide all the gear you’ll need while on your tour. Rods, reels, lines, flies, waders.

If you have your favourite fishing gear and want to bring it, then of course you can! If you do bring your own, please ensure it’s clean, disinfected, and dry before bringing it into Tasmania. This helps Tassie’s trout waters stay disease free. Find more info about that here.

We do recommend you bring the following:

  • Sunglasses. Preferably polarised. If you don’t have polaroids, let us know ahead of time, we have some you can use.
  • If it’s not great polaroiding conditions your regular sunnies are fine, and will help protect your eyes from wayward flies and low hanging twigs.
  • Bring a hat. Be sun smart!
  • Sturdy shoes.
  • Dress in layers. It can warm up, and cool down, sometimes quickly. Layers are great for peeling off and piling on whatever the weather does.
  • Rain coat. Let us know before your tour if you need us to bring one for you.

If you have questions about fishing gear, contact us at Trout Territory.


What do you provide on a fishing tour?2023-12-19T22:11:49+11:00
  • All fishing gear
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Transport on guided days from Launceston, Midlands, Central Highlands.

We also can provide raincoats, polaroid sunglasses, hats, if you don’t bring your own. Let us know prior to your tour if need this gear.

We’ve got you covered on a Trout Territory guided fishing tour.


Can I keep a fish I catch?2022-09-28T22:27:49+10:00

Yes, if you want to keep your fish, and it’s of legal size, of course you can.

Different trout waters have different keep limits. Your Trout Territory guide will know, and the regulations can also be found at the Inland Fisheries Service.

When we go fishing ourselves, the Trout Territory team do keep fish we’d like to eat. All other fish are released (where possible).

When is trout fishing season in Tasmania?2023-12-19T22:12:59+11:00

Generally August through to May.

Most brown trout waters open from the first Saturday of August to the Sunday nearest 30 April.

Most rainbow trout waters are open from the Saturday nearest 1 October to the Sunday nearest 31 May.

Different season opening and closing dates can apply to different trout waters.

Some trout waters also have time restrictions – one hour before sunrise to three hours after sunset.

There are a number of freshwaters open all year round, and some are closed to fishing at all times.

More detailed information is at the Inland Fisheries Service.

Trout Territory guides will know where and when to take you fishing!

Do I need a fishing licence in Tasmania?2022-09-28T21:43:25+10:00

Yes, to fish on any freshwater in Tasmania you will need a fishing licence.

You can choose from a 48 hour licence, 7 day, 28 day, full season, 5 year.

Kids from 14 – 17 years old need a fishing licence, and they are free.

Kids under 14 years old don’t need a fishing licence.

You will need a licence to fish on a farm dam, but not a registered private fishery.

Trout Territory are an authorised agent to sell fishing licences, or you can purchase them online from Inland Fisheries Service. (Find the current prices there too).

Can you cater to my dietary requirements?2023-02-05T01:51:09+11:00

Yes we sure can.

The Trout Territory team will ask if you have any dietary requirements and will cater for you.

And if there’s anything you simply just don’t like… let us know that too.

What does a guided fishing tour cost?2022-09-28T21:58:13+10:00

Our rates vary according to how many anglers are on your tour and how many days in your tour.

Check out Trout Territory guided fishing tour rates here.

Why do you ask me to sign a waiver of liability?2023-12-19T22:20:29+11:00

Because this is required by our insurer.

Your fishing guide will provide safety advice as required throughout the day. Guides endeavor to ensure participants’ safety to the best of their abilities, and participants are expected to take responsibility for their own actions and/or involvement. By signing this waiver participants indicate they accept that some activities undertaken during the tour carries risks. A guardian must sign the waiver for participants under 16 years of age. We appreciate your understanding.

My companion has lots of experience, I’m a beginner. Can you work with that?2023-12-19T22:30:50+11:00


We provide whatever level of tuition you need.

For beginners we start with casting basics, building up your knowledge throughout the day, at your pace.

For more experienced anglers, you may like to refine some aspects of your fly casting. Or be interested in the the insider knowledge of particular trout waters. Perhaps like to know more about local flies patterns.

Our guides are happy to generously share their knowledge with you, as much or as little as you like.


Will you pick me up?2023-12-19T22:37:11+11:00

Yes, on your guided fishing day, we are happy to pick you up from your accommodation in Launceston, Central Highlands, or the Midlands.

If you are further afield and have transport, we will arrange a meeting point.

If you are further afield and do not have transport, we can arrange pickups, and we do a travel fee for this. Please chat with us about it.


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