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2312, 2012

Hunting wild browns on Great Lake

December 23rd, 2012|Categories: Fly fishing, Short Stories & Fishing Tales|

Carey was on the hunt for wild browns in bright conditions on Great Lake. Big bushy flies are drawing the Great Lake fish up in the absence of any significant beetle hatches. Most essential is allowing them to take the offering and begin descending. Carey locked up on this wild brown in a wind protected bay, not far from shore.

2212, 2012

Polaroiding in the Nineteen Lagoons

December 22nd, 2012|Categories: Fly fishing, Hints & Tips, Short Stories & Fishing Tales|

Fly fishers love blue sky days Blue sky days are one of the most appreciated events in the Tasmanian fly fishers experience. Hard to predict, but when you do get one, the combination of high summer sunlight coupled with favourable wind direction, open up the waters of the highlands lakes in the shallow, weedy, sandy and rocky lagoons. At times you can spot fish further away than you can cast. And on these days the numbers of fish seen are usually greater. Ideally, the sunlight is coming from behind, or over your shoulder, and you are looking into the back [...]

1812, 2012

Brumbys Creek brings smiles

December 18th, 2012|Categories: Fly fishing, Short Stories & Fishing Tales|

Mickey refined her casting skills along the main flow of Brumbys Creek and landed her first wild brown trout. Bob fished up to a backwater to find a good fish showing occasionally and very subtle. We waited for an opportune moment and lay the fly out in ambush. Suddenly it was gone and a few minutes later Bob landed and released a fine Brumbys Creek brown trout. Here's Mickey with her fish.

1712, 2012

Good day’s fishing on the Meander River

December 17th, 2012|Categories: Fly fishing, Short Stories & Fishing Tales|

Never having fly fished before, Greg spent two days with us. We sampled both rivers and lakes while we worked on the basic skills. We found fish feeding on grasshoppers on the Meander River, caught and released several brown trout using a size 14 Royal Wolf. Some of these were in tricky spots, others out in the open water.

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