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2102, 2023

Chunky river brown

February 21st, 2023|Categories: Fly fishing, Short Stories & Fishing Tales|

This chunky river brown trout took a number of presentations to notice the fly was even there. Once landed the fly in the right place with the right drift, my black spinner fly was noticed, and taken. The black spinner is a go to fly in Tasmania's mayfly season for any river or lake. Image by Gary France, Trout Territory

2711, 2022

Uncooperative weather doesn’t stop us!

November 27th, 2022|Categories: Fishing Tales, Fly fishing, Short Stories & Fishing Tales|

Trevor and Vorn planned their trip to coincide with usual stable river heights and focus on their river fishing skills and techniques. The weather gods didn't get the memo! With rivers once again in flood, and rising, the best we could do was to focus on wild browns moving up with the flood waters into side waters and lagoons. That was the first day, which also included some torrential rain. We did find a few swirlers and tails. The first two photos are from the second and third days where we reverted to loch style dry fly techniques on still [...]

211, 2022

Brothers in arms

November 2nd, 2022|Categories: Fishing Tales, Flies, Fly fishing, Hints & Tips, Short Stories & Fishing Tales|

Gary and his brother Colin spent some time on Four Springs one day during October. Bright blue sky and very calm, flat conditions with very few duns hatching, but spinner scattered over the water laying their eggs. Very exciting fishing, tracking these quality fish that move around and are hard to predict. Good mayfly spinner imitations and accurate fly placement will undo these fish. The black spinner fly pictured emphasises the long tails, sparse quill body, and minimal hackle. The hook is a size 12, and strong enough wire to handle these wild browns around the 2kg mark. The wing [...]

2809, 2022

Early September in Tassie’s northern lowlands

September 28th, 2022|Categories: Fishing Tales, Fly fishing, Short Stories & Fishing Tales|

Water temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, and no sign of any real surface activity or insects. A bright clear day, so we adopted wet flies and worked on different retrieves, which undid a few fish, mainly close to shore. This fish is showing a recovery from some cormorant damage, has maintained condition and pulled strongly.

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