Whiting from the Tamar River

Dylan with whiting from Tamar River

Something we’re we’re doing more of now is targeting the estuaries of Tasmania using fly, lure and bait for the many schooling salt water varieties that are available.

This is Dylan on a recent adventure on the Tamar River with his first ever whiting.

Gary with Australian Salmon (Arripis Trutta). Tamar River

A trout guide’s day off

What does a trout guide do on his day off? Go fishing off course.

In October Gary spent a day on the Tamar at Kelso with friends, chasing the Australian salmon (Arripis Trutta), which, along with the birds overhead, have been picking on the bait fish.

These fish are great fun on trout gear. Go really hard. They are great eating.Gary with Australian Salmon (Arripis Trutta). Tamar River

Winter fishing fix: Barracouta on the Tamar

Tamar River Barracouta

Tamar River Barracouta

During the trout closed season, we have been heading to Tasmania’s Tamar River.

The Tamar is an estuary that starts at Launceston and runs about 40km out to Bass Strait.

There can be good sport for fly or lure, or any other method for that matter.

Invermay Fishing Gear’s Steve Suiter did a talk at a Fly Fishers Club of Tasmania meeting, highlighting a number of viable species to catch on a fly. Inspired by Steve’s presentation we headed out.

We’ve been chasing Australian salmon and flathead and we also stumbled across a school of barracouta. Beware with these guys… make sure you’ve got long shanked hooks on your flies, or tie the fly well back on the hook, or even use a wire trace, as they cut through normal fishing line quite easily.

On finding the school of Barracouta it was exciting fishing, with some actually erupting through the surface to take the fly as it landed.

I used a two inch long weighted white bait imitation and clouser minnows.