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2605, 2023

Tamar Estuary Fishing Experience

May 26th, 2023|Categories: Estuary Fishing, Fly fishing, Lure Fishing|

Tamar Estuary Fishing tours are available all year round. Tamar River estuary has many species of fish. Most of the fishing we do is in the last few kilometers of flow into Bass Strait where the water is usually clear and it has a strong tidal influence with a tidal variation of around 3 meters. Any fish species will take fly, and for some, the challenge of adding new species to their fly fishing experiences is not far away. Whether fly, lure, or bait fishing, major fish species that we target include Australian Salmon, flathead, whiting, barracouta, bream, silver and [...]

411, 2012

Fishing at Port Sorell

November 4th, 2012|Categories: Lure Fishing, Short Stories & Fishing Tales|

A change from trout fishing, which is our major pursuit, this weekend's fishing experience was in the Port Sorell estuary. We found Australian Salmon to be thin in numbers, the flathead were generally small, but as a great backup in the rocky areas around the heads of the estuary there were plenty of rock cod and hard pulling wrasse. On light tackle we had lots of fun. Five year old Campbell and his dad, Matt, hooked a number of fish. Campbell was very excited to catch his largest fish to date

904, 2012

Fishing and footy weekend

April 9th, 2012|Categories: Lure Fishing, Short Stories & Fishing Tales|

Fishing and football weekend. This group from Victoria enjoyed a day of trout fishing on Four Springs on Saturday, and watching Hawthorn at Aurora Stadium, Launceston on Sunday. Main photo: Guide Gary with Nicholas. After a long period of bright sunshine, a little bit of cloud cover, and action! Nicholas caught this brownie on a pumpkin seed soft plastic. Below: Joe landed this 5lb beauty on a black and gold t-tail soft plastic. Below: Late morning, in bright conditions, in the shallows, Leroy feels a gentle nibble through the tip of his rod, eases it back and winds. 3lb of prime [...]

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