1405, 2023

Benefits of an electric outboard motor

May 14th, 2023|Categories: Coaching, Fishing Gear, Fly fishing, Hints & Tips|

There are many advantages to using an electric outboard motor when fishing on a lake. Manipulate your position Stealth Quietness in approach and presence Reduction of impact on the environment Use of clean energy Economics Maneuverability Using a remote to control the electric motor gives Gary the ability to keep his eyes on the fishing action without having to focus on starting the motor. Higher end models have GPS spotlock, which holds your position securely moored, saves putting out an anchor.  

1604, 2023

The right fly can trigger a response

April 16th, 2023|Categories: Coaching, Fly fishing, Hints & Tips|

Dennis and guide, Gary discuss the details of a trout fly. Q. Why do trout take a specific fly? A. The design of a fly often triggers a response. Shape, silhouette, movement, how it sits on, or under, or in the film of the water, for example. During our guided fishing tours you will increase your knowledge and understanding around flies, insects, trout food, trout behaviour, etc.  

1702, 2023

Fly fishing coaching for groups

February 17th, 2023|Categories: Coaching, Fly fishing|

Guide, Gary France, teaching a small group the basics of fly casting. We start on the grass, with demonstration, coaching, and then it’s time to move your new skills onto the water! We have a very high success rate with the basics leading to graduation and the grouping of various skills. Stepping stones to trout and fly fishing success. We offer workshops or fully guided tours for beginners.

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