Todd on the Leven River

A day on the Leven River

After the major flooding in 2016, there were a number of bridges being replaced, and the Leven River was recovering rather well from flood damage.

On this particular day in early January, around the middle of the day the wind had dropped out, giving us fairly flat, glassy pools. An accurate delicate presentation was required to capture the interest of the rising fish. Todd took his casting skills to the next level to land this lovely brown trout.

Todd's wild brown trout on the Leven River

Todd’s wild brown trout on the Leven River

The Leven has recently had some willow clearing and bank-side vegetation restoration. When the water is rather clear it has a light tannin colour.

My favourite time to fish the Leven is when the grasshoppers are out in good numbers, usually mid to late summer.

The Leven runs unimpeded to its estuary, there are no dams. We enjoy the riffles, pools, and pocket water.

There are many good Anglers Access points, and these can be found on the Leven River Anglers Access brochure on the IFS website.


Leven River, Tasmania

Leven River, Tasmania