From the depths

Louise with a wild brown troutLouise saw this beautiful trout come up from the depths to take her fly. It was strong and well conditioned, and took quite a bit of work to maneuver amongst the numerous obstacles. Louise did a great job of controlling the fish in the conditions.

This fish was caught on a dry fly we call the Orange Lady, was taken very close to the boat, and was an exciting experience.

From Japan for the weekend

Mr Ikeda with brown troutIn November, Mr Toru Ikeda popped over from Japan to enjoy a weekend in Tasmania’s Central Highlands with our guide Scott. The weather threw up some challenges, causing minor floods to the rivers and swelling the inland lakes.
With Scott’s skillful coaching, Mr Ikeda worked on refining his casting and fly presentation techniques, and was able to land this tailing brown trout. Look at those markings, beautiful spots.


Friends Arnold and Ed from Lithuania, and Jason from Queensland came to experience Tasmania’s fly fishing. Arnold with a wild brown trout

In a strong wind we found a quiet and protected corner, and Arnold brought to hand his first trout on a fly.

We nicknamed him Schwarzenegger because of the impressive way he wrestled this strong brown trout to the boat.Jason with a wild rainbow trout

Late in the day, Jason managed to get this fine rainbow to the boat after peeling runs and aerobatic display.