Tasmanian 2018 Trout Expo Winners

Ken with a wild brown troutKen came along for the day with his wife Sue, who was the winner of the biggest fish weighed in at the 2018 Tasmanian Trout Expo held every year, the prize of which is a day with a Trout Territory fishing guide.

Here’s one of the lovely conditioned trout caught on the day.

The Tasmanian Trout Expo is a great family event held at Cressy every spring. Trout Territory are proud to be involved, both with Gary’s role as the director of the Fishing Competition, and also as sponsors – we have offered this prize for every event since it began in 2005.

The colours of the rainbow

Ian with a wild troutIan’s beautiful wild rainbow trout. Rainbows in this condition eager to eat emerging mayflies and leaping numbers of feet into the air.
The colours in these fish are amazing, adapting to ever changing water conditions. Stony green backs and fiery pink stripes that camouflage to their environment, until they hit the fly and take off at an incredible speed.

Tough conditions and first trout on a fly

Dave with a wild troutDave landed his first wild brown trout on a fly, vowing to throw away his lure gear and tackle his local Mitta Mitta browns with the fly.

In mid November the first mayfly hatches were just starting, delayed by the slow temperature increases this season.

The ability to connect with the fly when it’s taken in tough conditions especially yields a result. The conditions were tough on the day Dave had with us, but he stayed in touch with the fly to land this lovely brown trout.