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Lake Fly Fishing

Fly casting – lakes

Fishing from the shoreline of a lake, we need to read the conditions once again. Lake level, wind direction, weed growth, insect activity, evidence of fish present, tails, rises etc. some shore lines have vegetation and sometimes you are actually on the shoreline and kneeling down…shrubs, long grass, rocks etc. need to be considered.

If you venture out into the water the same obstructions may apply as well as the unseen, i.e. potholes, submerged logs.

Cover the fish you see according to what you observe.

If you don’t see anything you would go into a searching method of fishing.

From the boat away from the shore the obstructions are minimal. It’s more about the wind and using it to your advantage, finding the food, finding the fish and figuring out an approach.

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“I had an excellent trip with Gary France into the Western Lakes of Tasmania and his professionalism and service was first class.”
… Michael Burgess, Launceston, Tas, Australia

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