Fly Fishing in Tasmania – HOW

Fly Fishing Tasmania – when, where, how…

Check out the hints, tips and techniques in the links below. We hope you find them helpful.

For those starting out on their fly fishing adventures, consider a guided fly fishing tour with us. Learning fly fishing is a lot of fun. We focus on fast tracking the fly fishing skills and understanding the fly fishing approach, with beginners achieving a degree of competency quite quickly. Then we focus on teaching how to find and see fish and of course the strategies in how to outsmart them! With more experienced anglers we focus on tuning your techniques to Tasmanian conditions. For information about a guided tour, visit Tours & Prices.

Polaroid for trout

Sight Fishing! Polaroiding for trout is the core of the Tasmanian trout fishing experience.

Brown trout in the weeds

Keeping Tasmania Disease Free

Ensuring the future of Tasmania’s stunning wild trout fishery. It is vital that we are all aware of what we can do to ensure Tasmania remains a disease free fishery.

hail storm on arthurs

Fishing Safety

Be safe. Protect your skin. Protect your eyes. Be prepared for all kinds of weather.