Nineteen Lagoons Tasmania

Nineteen Lagoons – Gateway to the Western Lakes Wilderness

Consisting of a network of lagoons, each with its own individual characteristics, some isolated, others connected via creek systems, these waters are within an easy reach of our highland accommodation base at Miena in the Central Highlands and are a fly fishing paradise. The lagoons surround Lake Augusta and provide a taste for the more remote section of Tasmania’s enchanting fishery.

A gateway to the Western Lakes, the lagoons have a varied food supply, due to their individual geography; some are rocky, some are shallow, some deep, others with sandy bottoms, others with rich weed beds. Everything can occur from great mayfly hatches to beetle falls, and giant highland hoppers to the tiny scud.

Blue sky days in the Nineteen Lagoons area create top light conditions conducive to unparalleled sight fishing. On such days it is not unusual for a substantial wild trout to glide onto the scene and sip down your little dry fly or inhale your nymph; within seconds… out to the backing!

Very healthy wild populations of mainly brown trout and some domestic and triploid rainbow trout ensure an exhilarating fishing experience.

Anglers Access

The Inland Fisheries Service also provides useful information about many Tasmanian trout waters, including access points, anglers notes, and maps. Brochures are available at most fishing stores, visitor centres, or online. See the Anglers Access for the Western Lakes Region.