Meander River Tasmania

The Meander River, in northern Tasmania, is approximately 45 minutes drive from Launceston.

A clear, boulder strewn fast water, the Meander is a tail race water from the Huntsman Dam, which has a good regulated environmental flow.

It’s a clear, fast water, with some deep holes and slow sections, with both brown and rainbow trout.

Jeremy with a wild brown trout

This fish took Jeremy’s dry fly, along with a number of others on the day

Fly fishing on Meander River

Upstream nymphing technique, midstream on the Meander River in Northern Tasmania.

Meander River, northern Tasmania

Meander River, northern Tasmania

Anglers Access

The Inland Fisheries Service also provides useful information about many Tasmanian trout waters, including access points, anglers notes, and maps. Brochures are available at most fishing stores, visitor centres, or online. See the Anglers Access for the Meander River.