Cradle Mountain area

In the Cradle Mountain area, good fly fishing options include Lake Lea, the Vale River, and Talbots Lagoon.

Lake Lea

Lake Lea Tasmania

Lake Lea Tasmania

Lake Lea is a very short distance from Cradle Mountain Lodge, very near to the Vale River in the Vale de Belvoir. Lightly tannin waters, great to wade and polaroid. It’s rather shallow, with consistent gradients.

Vale River

The Vale rises out of the ground flowing south away from Lake Lea, not into it. This is Karst country, water being pushed up through limestone, and like the chalk streams of England, is crystal clear. There are some sink holes however, that may add a mix of tannin to the flow.

Talbots Lagoon

Gary on Talbots Lagoon, Tasmania

Gary on Talbots Lagoon, Tasmania

A little further afield, well worthy of good trout fishing sport, is Talbots Lagoon.

Talkbots Lagoon is generally a clear water with so much structure like fallen trees and great weed beds, it harbours a wealth of trout foods. The mayfly hatches and beetle falls are excellent. The trout are generally in great condition due to the abundant food supply.

Anglers Access

The Inland Fisheries Service also provides useful information about many Tasmanian trout waters, including access points, anglers notes, and maps. Brochures are available at most fishing stores, visitor centres, or online. See the Anglers Access for Talbots Lagoon.