Arthurs Lake Tasmania

Arthurs Lake – Central Highlands of Tasmania

Arthurs Lake Tasmania

Arthurs Lake Tasmania

Arthurs Lake is around 45 minutes from Cressy in to the Jonah Bay boat ramp, which gives access to the Cowpaddock and beyond, and most of the northern end of the lake.

Arthurs Lake is a consistent, viable, sustainable fishery, and the most popular, most productive trout lake in Tasmania. Midge hatches, Mayfly and beetle falls are some of the most common occurrences on Arthurs. As well as this, it boasts a huge aquatic food bowl, with snails, shrimp, scud and Jassid.

Arthurs Lake is a premier wild brown trout fishery and lends itself to all methods of trout fishing. Productive bait fishing, all lure methods and a fly fishery, it shines on all three accounts.

Creely Bay, Tea Tree Bay, Flemmings Bay, the Morass, Hydro Bay, Tumbledown Bay, Jones’ and many many more bays galore around the islands makes this a favourite for me.

Since the early days our pet-name for Arthurs Lake is ‘The Dragon!’ (and we do say it with the exclamation mark). Through the summertime when traveling the road to the highlands, as we round that bend and look down over the hill to Arthurs, on the best days with good visibility and light winds, I see the water, I see wind lanes and slicks, and even trout movements in those slicks if it’s calm enough. I get that familiar feeling of anticipation of a potentially great session. And it is at this point I usually say “enter The Dragon!” (Depending on who’s with me, I might only say it in my head.)

Anglers Access

The Inland Fisheries Service also provides useful information about many Tasmanian trout waters, including access points, anglers notes, and maps. Brochures are available at most fishing stores, visitor centres, or online. See the Anglers Access for Arthurs Lake.


Check out the Arthurs Lake webcam!

smania have installed 10 webcams at various waters around Tasmania. They are a great tool for anglers when planning fishing trips. Click the names below to view their webcam: