Mayfly fishing

John and Harry experienced some of Tasmania’s best mayfly fishing on Pentstock Lagooon and Four Springs Lake.

Another day was on the Meander River, where small mayfly and grasshoppers were the flies of choice.

A couple of the lovely fish caught during their fishing trip, early March.

Photos by Gary France.

Wild rainbow trout Wild brown trout

March nymphing

Mid March, good rains and flow, along with colour in the rivers, and good nymphing techniques bring in fish that won’t look toward the surface.

Wading skills, positioning on the river, and really good line control are needed.

Tom with wild brown trout.

Photo by Gary France.

little wild brown trout held in a net

Meander River on a bright day

Meander River in one day in February. It was very bright, no fish out in the open, so the essential cast was close to the bank around undercuts and overhanging cover.

Dave executed some good back handed roll casts to present his fly effectively. This fly was a grasshopper with bead head nymph under.

Photos by Gary France.

Dave with his wild brown trout Dave on the Meander River