Wild brown trout from Arthurs Lake

Bushfires in Tasmania’s Highlands are over

Dry fly fishing Tasmania’s highlands – Tassie is still open for business as usual.
Arthurs Lake wild brown trout taking mayfly spinner. Lake Leake rainbow trout polaroided sipping beetles in bright sunshine. There are no issues in accessing great trout fishing following the recent bushfires in Tasmania.
Even during a bushfire, we have safe places to take you fishing.
Wild brown trout from Arthurs Lake

Wild brown trout from Arthurs Lake

Rainy days

It was a rainy day. In fact a day of potentially heavy rains, and Richard asked whether we would find conditions comfortable enough to fish in. We had no problem with that question because we can usually find protected areas to fish and use rain to our advantage.

Which we did, and then it warmed up anyway. Richard was very happy to secure both brown and rainbow trout on the dry fly during the middle of the day.

The rain was a huge relief to those battling the devastating fires in Tasmania these past weeks.  As I write this, the Tasmanian Fire Service Alerts website shows there are no ’emergency’ alerts, or even ‘watch and act’ alerts. They are all ‘advice’ or ‘no alert level’. Great news. Our heartfelt thanks to all those fighting the fires.

Richard's brown trout

This brown trout was mopping up beetles in a wind protected area.








Richard's Rainbow trout

This rainbow trout was collecting small mayfly in a windlane.

From the depths

Louise with a wild brown troutLouise saw this beautiful trout come up from the depths to take her fly. It was strong and well conditioned, and took quite a bit of work to maneuver amongst the numerous obstacles. Louise did a great job of controlling the fish in the conditions.

This fish was caught on a dry fly we call the Orange Lady, was taken very close to the boat, and was an exciting experience.

Thank you Louise for this wonderful review:
“Wow! Wonderful to share the day with our fabulous guide Gary !
He was quite the gentleman and incredibly skilled at flyfishing!
His knowledge and encouragement was terrific given that we were relatively novice
at this wonderful sport of fly-fishing.
He was always happy to help us and inform us on the local area and was generally expert and very professional in his knowledge.
I caught the biggest Trout of my life!!!!!!!!(It was also the first!)”
. . . Louise, via TripAdvisor