Tough conditions and first trout on a fly

Dave with a wild troutDave landed his first wild brown trout on a fly, vowing to throw away his lure gear and tackle his local Mitta Mitta browns with the fly.

In mid November the first mayfly hatches were just starting, delayed by the slow temperature increases this season.

The ability to connect with the fly when it’s taken in tough conditions especially yields a result. The conditions were tough on the day Dave had with us, but he stayed in touch with the fly to land this lovely brown trout.

A brownie and a rainbow

Here’s Col with a couple from a fun day on the water.

Col with wild brown troutWild brown trout: First cast of the day, the nymph hit the water and didn’t have a chance to sink… it was buried by this 43cm brown with more to follow.

Col with wild rainbow troutWild rainbow trout: This chunky little rainbow hammered the emerger on a very quick and well presented cast.

Made my day

Chris with a wild troutLowland lakes in cold weather patterns November 2018 providing mayfly action. Dry fly emergers and unweighted nymphs producing lovely wild brown trout such as this one.  Chris said this made his day.