Jordan & Deidre with a great wild trout from Four Springs lake

Beginner persistence pays off

While dad Pat had some fly fishing experience, the rest of the family, mum Deirdre and kids Max and Jordan were beginners.

When we met the family, it was very close to the end of the season, with the weather starting to turn as a cold front approached. Conditions were tough, however they spent two days with Gary and Scott, who were both impressed with the kids persistence with fly fishing.

Here is Jordan and his mum Deirdre with Jordan’s first Tasmanian brown trout on a wet fly at Four Springs.Jordan & Deidre with a great wild trout from Four Springs lake


Lester, on Lake Leake

A couple of fine brown trout

Travelling in a camper, exploring Tassie, Lester was a beginner to fly fishing and grasped the basics of casting very quickly while spending a couple of days with Gary.

Towards the end of the season there were a a few decent warm spells that produced some surface feeding action and wind lanes on Lake Leake. Lester responded well to the surface take on a dry fly and here are a couple of fine brown trout in lovely conditions.Lester on Lake Leake with wild trout Lester with wild trout caught on Lake Leake