150 years of wild brown trout in Tasmania

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150 Years of wild brown trout in Tasmania!

Here’s a bit of wild brown trout history for you.

Almost 150 years ago the first successful acclimatisation of wild brown trout in the southern hemisphere was achieved after a few failed earlier attempts.

To keep the ova alive during the journey by ship, it was stored in fresh moss and large blocks of ice.



We are very proud to say that Tasmania was the birthplace of that success and went on to supply wild brown trout ova to the Australian mainland, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and many other places.

Today, Tasmania is touted as having the purest strains of disease-free wild brown trout in the world.

You can learn more about the wild brown trout story here (Tasmanian Salmon Ponds).

The Inland Fisheries have provided these facts about the wild brown trout.