Trout food – a quick bite

A quick trout food report for you.

In the northern lowlands good volumes of flying ants are starting to appear in clouds around the trees on days of light winds.

Grasshoppers are still on the menu on many lowland rivers.

Jassids have been around now for a couple weeks in the central highlands and sighted at many popular waters.


This image shows a lowland jassids of a similar variety to the highland jassids that are currently exploding in populations this year.

jassid red belly

The key with jassids and the fly pattern is the underneath needs to show a good amount of bright red, and the fly should be fished static.

Jassid instars

Jassid, like many insects, go through stages of maturity called instars. These jassids have not yet developed their wing cases, exposing their true under body colour.