Dave on the Meander River

Luring them in

Dave on Brumbys Creek

Dave on Brumbys Creek

David fishes some lovely water in the Spanish Pyrenees, generally with lure, and he could land a small lure on a saucer.

This was invaluable in the tough conditions, as major rains were bringing up water levels, and within an hour of our first fish the water had turned to chocolate. Fortunately northern Tasmania is spoiled with numerous river and tributary options. We caught fish in a number of waters, and hooked up with a solid Atlantic salmon at the end of the day on Brumbys Creek.

Tims wild brown Trout

Wild brown trout

Tim's wild brown TroutTim was very happy with this brown trout from one of our low altitude lakes in October. The first of the mayfly hatches and some very good brown trout on the chomp. Now, into December, the hatches are occurring at the higher altitudes.

River action has been very good, and in the last few days, was getting tough on some rivers due to temperature. Thank goodness for a few days of cooling rains.