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Talbots Lagoon

Gary on Talbots Lagoon, Tasmania

Gary on Talbots Lagoon, Tasmania

It was great to attend the launch in December of the Inland Fisheries Service most recent addition to the Anglers Access Program, Talbots Lagoon.

Talbots Lagoon, in the north west of Tasmania, is a shallow, clear water, at around 650mt above sea level, containing quality wild brown and rainbow trout. It’s a beautiful trout habitat with a great deal of fallen trees and lush weed beds.

I had a hour to scout the lagoon on foot before the launch, and managed to catch my first Talbots wild brown trout on a size 14 parachute black spinner.

There were a few duns popping and later in the day I got back out there to land another nice fish, once again on the black spinner.

The IFS are doing great work with the Anglers Access Program. A lot of work goes in to get to this point, and I congratulate the folks at the IFS for producing such a useful resource for anglers.