Rainy days

Richard with a trout

Richard and a lovely trout

Peter with a trout

Peter is pretty happy with his trout

Richard from South Africa and Peter from Canberra joined us for a couple of days fishing Tasmania for some wild brown trout. None of us were expecting the heavens to open on their first day, but nonetheless, much needed rains began early and persisted throughout the day, all over Tasmania.

After looking through the weather charts, we decided to head up the plateau to Penstock Lagoon where we anticipated being above the heavy pours and stronger winds and although gentle rains persisted for the day, we did experience light variable winds which provided some spinner and damselfly falls interlaced with some duns popping in between. Many hours of chasing tails and fins followed with a handful of real opportunities to each angler, but unfortunately the trout won that day.

For the following day, we had planned on fishing the South Esk River, given that both Richard and Peter were keen to wade some clear waters in search of rising trout but the rains hit heavier than anticipated and mostly at lower levels, quickly flooding all rivers to a total brown out.

So we went to Currawong Lakes for the day and fished in gin clear waters and much improved weather conditions with a good breeze and intermittent sun and cloud and the fish loved it. We found browns torpedoing airborne insects and mopping up spents, giving a few opportunities throughout the day. Both gentlemen managed a good fish each, approaching 5 pound and plenty of banter followed about who’s trout was slightly bigger than the other.

A very enjoyable couple of days for all involved.

Story and images by Scott Murphy