Penstock Lagoon Tasmania

Penstock Lagoon – Central Highlands of Tasmania

Penstock Lagoon

Penstock Lagoon

The Jewell of the Highlands, Penstock Lagoon is a ‘fly fishing only’ lagoon surrounded by trees.

A clear water lagoon, Penstock is shallow – around 4 ft, around 3 km long and averages around 800 meters wide. Penstock is almost entirely covered with rich weed growth and abundant, aquatic macro invertebrates.

Early season trout menu includes snails, shrimp, scud, damsel fly, mudeye or dragonfly larvae.

Around October we see the first Mayfly hatches, followed by brown dun, red spinner,  nymph, mayfly nymph, gum beetle falls, jassids/leaf hoppers, chironomid, caenid…  the list goes on there’s so much food, which accounts for an excellent growth rate.

We are targeting browns and rainbows in the 1 – 2 kg range, with better fish not uncommon.

The Inland Fisheries Service is taking steps to protect this water. Short term camping facilities are available.

Check out the Penstock Lagoon webcam!

Anglers Alliance Tasmania have installed 9 webcams around Tasmania at various trout waters, including:

These webcams are a great tool for anglers when planning fishing trips.

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