Trout Waters

Where can you go trout fishing in tasmania

Wild trout fishing in Tasmania is diverse, involving many different techniques: polaroiding on blue sky days, or sight fishing for tailing wild brown trout in shallow weedy margins, typical of the Western Lakes, or Mayfly hatches on Brumbys Creek, Macquarie River and Arthur’s Lake, or cruising the windlanes of Great Lake.

There are so many outstanding trout waters in Tasmania to choose from when you go trout fishing. We’d like to share some of our favourites!

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Mersey River

Mersey River

The Mersey is a very clear-water stream, has a long journey from the mountains to the sea, and is well served with Anglers Access information and infrastructure. There are bright open sections and plenty of shaded areas, fast water runs and riffles, as well as extended flat pools. On bright sunny days, late season, Mersey […]

Troy with a wild brown trout from Brumbys Creek

Brumbys Creek Tasmania

One of our favourite trout fishing streams. Rich weed beds, sandy bottoms, freestone and gravel runs.

Macquarie River

Macquarie River Tasmania

Classic mayfly fishing. The Macquarie River is a low-lying meadow river through most of its reaches.

Nineteen Lagoons Tasmania

With healthy wild populations of mainly brown trout, the Nineteen Lagoons is an exhilarating fly fishing experience.