Guitar String Nymph

This wet fly is basically a fairly large bead headed nymph using the brass bead from a discarded guitar string (or course, a regular bead works fine too!). I like to experiment with things I have around. I first used this nymph in clear fast water upstream nymphing and found that it did quite well consistently taking fish. Its nature is to ride through the gravel and bounce around amongst the stones, so it really does get right into the slower zone, close to the stream bed. It fits in quite well with some of the larger nymph inhabitants of some streams, like large stonfly.

Hook: size 8 – 10

Tail: black squirrel

Body: pale antron dubbing

Thoat: pheasant tail

Thorax: dark antron dubbing

Wing case: golden tinsel fibre

Hackle: cock grizzle