Trout Fishing Tasmania

Wild trout fly fishing in Tasmania

The unique environment of the Western Lakes World Heritage area is filled with pristine waterways scattered amongst a temperate environment.

Tasmania’s rivers stand out too with delightful small streams such as St Patrick’s River, Liffey River, Lake River, parts of the North and South Esk Rivers; mayfly hatches on meadow streams such as the Macquarie River, South Esk; cool clear tail race waters such as Brumbys Creek.

These waters are diverse; many have sandy bottoms, rich weed beds and rocky shorelines. Vegetation varying from alpine scrub to dense forested areas to farmlands.

It’s a stunning fishery. It’s a challenging fishery. Let us share some secrets with you. Whatever your fly fishing skill and experience level, it’s always exciting to learn more, hear new information and share techniques and we hope you will find something within these pages useful to you. Below are links to some of our favourite trout waters, trout flies, hints and tips. Using a guide will help you get the most out of your trip, so please check out our Tours & Prices to find out more, or call Gary on 0418 875 001.

Tasmania truly has world class trout fishing and is now preparing to host the World Fly Fishing Championships in December 2019.

Angler on the upper north esk river, tasmania australia

World Fly Fishing Championships in Tasmania 2019

Have you been thinking about a Tassie fly fishing adventure, but wondering about clashing with the championships? It’s an exciting time for fly fishing and Tasmania. Fly fishers from around the world are shortly arriving in Tasmania for the upcoming 39th World Fly Fishing Championships. The competition runs from 30 November to 8 December 2019. […]

On Brumbys Creek

Trout Waters

With so many outstanding trout waters in Tasmania, how do you know where to go?


Fishing with bait

Bait fishing in Tasmania is productive for those that enjoy this method. It is also well suited to people with limited mobility.

Lures and reel

Fishing with lures

We use a range of hard bodied and soft plastic lures, along with the effective techniques in casting and retrieve.