Mayfly fishing

John and Harry experienced some of Tasmania’s best mayfly fishing on Pentstock Lagooon and Four Springs Lake.

Another day was on the Meander River, where small mayfly and grasshoppers were the flies of choice.

A couple of the lovely fish caught during their fishing trip, early March.

Photos by Gary France.

Wild rainbow trout Wild brown trout

Exciting fly fishing moments

Mayfly hatches were in full swing on many highland waters when Brian and Christopher came fishing back in February.

Both enjoyed learning new loch-style skills and reading and fishing to conditions on the lakes. Well placed and timely casts paid high dividends.

Many exciting moments, including a new spinner pattern designed to have fish jump into the boat succeeded for 5 good fish in the next hour. Here’s an example of some fine browns and rainbows.

Photos by Gary France.

Brian's Wild brown trout Brian's Wild rainbow trout Brian's Wild brown trout

Chunky Penstock rainbow

This chunky rainbow engulfed Ray’s mayfly pattern on Penstock Lagoon. This was in early February. Penstock has been rather consistent over the season, and it’s good to see a bit more water in it over the last few weeks.

With very calm conditions on Arthurs Lake the browns are close to the shore on mayfly spinner, but only when there’s cloud cover. Ray is pretty happy with this wild brown trout.

Photos by Gary France.

Ray with a wild rainbow trout

Ray with a wild brown trout