Chris with wild brown trout

Family fishing time

Father and son, Chris and Michael enjoyed some family fishing time.

Chris managed to secure two nice browns, both on the dry. This one is his first trout on dry fly.

With constantly changing conditions we had to move around to find feeding fish. A wind lane formed, and Michael managed a really good cast to secure his first rainbow on the dry fly.

Chris with his wild brown trout Michael's wild rainbow trout

Adam's wild rainbow trout from Lake Leake

Lake Leake on a clear windy day

Adam took to casting quickly. The day went from cloudy to very bright and clear, as well as very strong wind in the afternoon.

We polaroided a number of fish in the clear water of Lake Leake. This one came to a nymph hanging under a dry.  It’s Adam’s first fish on a fly.

Adam's wild rainbow trout from Lake Leake

Adam’s wild rainbow trout from Lake Leake

Joe's rainbow trout

Windy day rainbow

Joe has a good deal of fly fishing experience around the world. He did Tasmania on a very windy day and still managed to secure a good number of fish despite the conditions.

Here’s one lovely rainbow Joe landed.

Joe with his wild rainbow trout