Peter with a wild rainbow trout from Lake Leake

A silver beauty

On the final weekend of the 2018/19 trout season snow covered the central plateau. Conditions were tough, yet Peter’s casting skills were up for the challenge, and his connection with the fly was spot on.

The first day we sight fished to Four Springs brown trout laying in ambush for water boatmen, and managed a few good hook-ups.

The following day we spent on Lake Leake in strong and cold winds but managed to find a few calm-ish areas. There was absolutely no food on the surface so we resorted to pulling wets over the lush weed beds.

This young strong rainbow took some time to land and almost circumnavigated the boat before we could slip it into the net. A silver beauty in splendid condition.Peter with a wild rainbow trout from Lake Leake

Trout the teacher

Beginners to fly fishing, Ralph and his sons, Charles and Henry  enjoyed a family day on the water with Gary on Lake Leake.

We were experiencing good late season weather and enough fish showing interest in food on the surface for us to go with the dry fly. This rainbow took a yellow foam beetle, displaying aerobatics in amongst the stumps and fallen trees that taught Ralph excellent lessons in hook-ups and line control.Ralph with wild rainbow trout

Chris with wild brown trout

Family fishing time

Father and son, Chris and Michael enjoyed some family fishing time.

Chris managed to secure two nice browns, both on the dry. This one is his first trout on dry fly.

With constantly changing conditions we had to move around to find feeding fish. A wind lane formed, and Michael managed a really good cast to secure his first rainbow on the dry fly.

Chris with his wild brown trout Michael's wild rainbow trout