Dave on the Meander River

Luring them in

Dave on Brumbys Creek

Dave on Brumbys Creek

David fishes some lovely water in the Spanish Pyrenees, generally with lure, and he could land a small lure on a saucer.

This was invaluable in the tough conditions, as major rains were bringing up water levels, and within an hour of our first fish the water had turned to chocolate. Fortunately northern Tasmania is spoiled with numerous river and tributary options. We caught fish in a number of waters, and hooked up with a solid Atlantic salmon at the end of the day on Brumbys Creek.

Introduction to trout fishing

Matt & Eve's Tasmanian Rainbow trout

Matt & Eve’s first Tasmanian Rainbow trout

Matthew, Eve, Mick and Mo attended an introductory workshop day to learn about fly fishing and lure fishing for trout in Tasmania.

This fine rainbow trout was taken having fun with some soft plastics in windy conditions when it was hard to control a fly.

This was the first of five quality rainbows landed on the day.

Lure over the weed beds

Barry persisted out into the deeper water with a soft plastic twitched over the weed beds. This strong brownie took the lure quite softly and once hooked tore off at a rate of knots.

Barry with a Tasmanian brown trout

Barry with a Tasmanian brown trout