Wild brown trout on the Upper Mersey

Upper Mersey, hot conditions, cool water

Wild brown trout on the Upper Mersey

We love this shot, taken in January, 2018. During extremely hot conditions in Tasmania it’s well worth giving thought to cooler rivers, streams, and tributaries. And they would be tail-race rivers such as Brumbys Creek and the Meander River. Then, depending on the flow, the upper North and South Esk Rivers and their tributaries, just to name a few.

This time we decided to explore the upper Mersey River in the Mersey Forest area. Water temperatures were a lovely 16 degrees Celsius and the wild browns and rainbows were feeding without too much hesitation.

Small mayfly patterns along with grasshopper patterns in some areas did the trick.

This wild brown trout was caught on a 4 weight with a grasshopper.

Dave on the Meander River

Luring them in

Dave on Brumbys Creek

Dave on Brumbys Creek

David fishes some lovely water in the Spanish Pyrenees, generally with lure, and he could land a small lure on a saucer.

This was invaluable in the tough conditions, as major rains were bringing up water levels, and within an hour of our first fish the water had turned to chocolate. Fortunately northern Tasmania is spoiled with numerous river and tributary options. We caught fish in a number of waters, and hooked up with a solid Atlantic salmon at the end of the day on Brumbys Creek.

South Esk River, Tasmania

Chunky brown on the South Esk River

The South Esk River fish showed no real interest in grasshoppers on this day in early April. But we did manage to find a few that were willing to sip down small mayfly emergers and mayfly spinner in the calmer areas.

Short chunky South Esk River brown trout

Short chunky South Esk River brown trout








Mark is a regular visitor with us over the years, starting out as a beginner fly fisher. He’s been building his skills around Tasmanian wild trout, along with some other trips, and I was rapt when he sent me this photo a week or so later of a king fish he had proudly landed just outside the Sydney Harbour Heads.

Mark's Sydney Harbour Kingfish

Mark’s Sydney Harbour King fish