Gary with a rainbow trout

A day fishing with my brother

Spent a day fishing with my brother Col. We saw no real action until around 3 o’clock in the afternoon when all hell broke loose and the first few mayfly started to show. For the next hour and a half we had eight good hook-ups and more than 50% were rainbows which went ballistic. Tail walking over the surface was common. We had a great time.

Here is a few of the fish we caught on the day.

Photo credits: Gary France and Colin France

Col with a trout Col with a trout Gary with a rainbow trout












Reno with a wild brown trout

Good line control pays off

Reno had been practicing his casting skills before coming on a guided day with us. And with a few tips from Gary to tweak his technique, Reno’s casting really came together in an amazingly short time.

It’s all about line control with fly fishing, and when the rod tip is close to the water it makes a huge difference for many reasons. Reno kept his rod tip down and in touch with the fly, so was ready when this supremely well marked and strong wild brown trout took the emerging Antron Nymph under a Pink Lady emerger/dry fly.

Gary brags that the  pink lady is the most outstanding mayfly pattern he’s come up with so far because it’s highly visible.

Photo credit: Gary France

Lake Leake brown trout

More early season fun on Lake Leake

By working on casting techniques and wet fly retrieve speeds and action, Nick landed his first trout on a fly. This was early season, and we had a great time on Lake Leake.

This brown trout pulled like a tractor, and the feisty rainbow, once landed, is showing recovery scar from cormorant attack. It hit the fly very hard on a ‘quick strip strip stop and drop’ retrieve.

Nick with a Lake Leake brown trout

Nick with a Lake Leake rainbowtrout,