A day on the St Patrick’s River

The day started with a fresh brewed coffee and a glint in our eyes, as the weather patterns appeared to be favourable.

Art wanted to fish streams and spend the day chasing brown trout, so we headed for the St Patrick’s River.  Due to recent rains, it was still up a bit and flowing with some gusto, yet was as picturesque as always.

It was partly cloudy, partly warm but mostly cool and the breeze was stiff. Not really much insect life about except a new batch of nymph hoppers and crickets plus some occasional mayfly, caddis and beetles.

Art was straight onto a fish with his second cast but unfortunately dropped him, which happens to us all but as any good angler does, he steeled his resolve and forged ahead and ended up landing 4 fish for the day. A few other minor opportunities arose here and there but he worked the water very well and it was quite a productive day.

In very pleasant surroundings it was a good day for all.

Story and image by Scott Murphy, All Round Guide, guiding for Trout Territory.

Art with wild trout